Reference of three suppliers

Credit margin required *

Credit margin required: *

Message for Variétés P. Prud'homme

* The first order should be paid on delivery.


ATTENTION: An online account request by a customer implies explicitely his acceptance of the conditions of sales 1 to 12 inclusively listed below.


1. Ownership
The merchandise sold to the Client shall remain the property of the Vendor until complete payment of the sale price and the Client shall be responsible for any lossess incurred from the point of delivery of said merchandise and/or services rendered by the Vendor. Any claim, missing merchandise and/or errror shall be forwarded within 5 days from the date fo invoice.

2. Default
Should the Client fail to pay the sale price in accordance with the conditions mentioned hereunder, the Vendor will have the right, at its sole discretion, either to require the payment of any sum owed on the balance of the sale price, or to recover the merchandise sold without any other notice or legal procedure no rindemnity or reimbursement of the payments made on the sale price, if any, the Client hereby agreeing thereto.

3. Return of Goods
No return of goods will be accepted without authorization from the Vendor. Also, manutation fees for 20% of the sale price will be required in that eventuality.

4. Term unless specify convention
Net 15 days, or unless specify convention.

5. Interest
Overdue accounts shall bear interest at a compound rate of 24% per annum (2% per month), calculated monthly.

6. Objet
The above mentioned conditions shall apply to any transaction concerning the purchase of merchandise between the parties, shall last for the durations of their business relationship.

7. Credit convention
Both parties agree, that the Vendor having a facsimile of the credit convention, duly completed and signed by the Client, is considered as an indisputable proof of engagement, same as if the Vendor had the original credit convention.

8. Personal Liability
Any person signing for and on behalf of a corporation shall be personally liable to the Vendor, jointly and severally with the corporation, for any obligation and responsibility arising from any purchase of merchandise made under the present application for credit.

9. Autorisation for credit information
Through the present application form, the Client authorizes the Vendor, his employees, officers and/or representatives, to obtain any information about him.

10. Fees
Upon request the Client engages himself, by the present, to pay to the vendor, upon presentation of documents, all costs fees and expenses, especially for reasonnable legal fees or other costs and expenses resulting from all steps, whether from suits, legal action, investigations claims or procedures taken by the vendor in order to recover the sum owed to him, including all interests in vertu of the present.

11. Credit approval
The present contract will be effective as soon as the credit department approves it.

12. Choice of Judicial District of Quebec
The Client accepts that any filed suit regarding this contract and/or sold merchandises and/or the fulfilment obligations ensuing from this contract, both parties reside at the Vendor’s location, mentioned in the present credit contract and the Client abandons any right that he could have under the jurisdiction of the court of any districts of this province and/or any other districts of any provinces related to the present.